minecraft server

Cross-platform Minecraft server for friends and family. Compatible with Java Edition, Windows, Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo Switch.

Connecting on Playstation 4/5

  1. Open settings
  2. Choose network then Setup internet connection
  3. Select wifi then custom setup
  4. Choose your preferred network
  5. IP address settings-Automatic
  6. DCHP- do not specify
  7. DNS settings- Manual, this is the fun part
  8. Primary DNS is Secondary DNS is
  9. Open Minecraft, press play and navigate to the servers tab
  10. Now when you join one of the featured servers you will have access to a BRAND NEW server list (YIPPEE:)
  11. Here is where you can add new servers. To do this press "Connect to a server"
  12. Now type in the server address mc.n0ah.org

CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉 YOU SHOULD NOW HAVE ACCESS TO THE SERVER. Give yourself a clap on the back, good job!